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Sound Design for BIÉDE Exhibition

Project type

Sound Design


March 2023





Date: April 15, 2023

Performer: Nina Utashiro [歌代ニーナ]
Voice: Yusuke Narita [成田悠輔]
Music: Yongsi [泳思] + Lyo Taniguchi
Video Recording: Yuki Onishi and Kouta Kurokawa
Video Edit and Production: KANGHONG Image
Creative Direction: BIÉDE
Products/Costume: BIÉDE


BIÉDE held its first pop-up exhibition "BIÉDE COLLECTION IN COLLABORATION WITH QUENTIN SHIH at node hotel, Kyoto from April 15 (Sat) to 30 (Sun), 2023. On the first day, April 15 (Sat), BIÉDE held the first fashion show/performance "BIÉDE IN MOTION".

The theme of "BIÉDE IN MOTION"
"BIÉDE IN MOTION" is an innovative performance that reinterprets a classic literary work from a contemporary perspective, incorporating elements of music, acting, and visual arts.
The performance "BIÉDE IN MOTION" explores the question of what a contemporary interpretation of the 32nd chapter of Murasaki Shikibu's "The Tale of Genji," titled "Umegae," would look like. Taking inspiration from the flute featured in the scene from "Umegae," the performance took place at node hotel Kyoto, with flutist Hana Yamamoto performing from 19:00 to 20:00. The space was imbued with the scent of "32 UMEGAE," a new incense release by BIÉDE.

The cast includes Nina Utashiro, an artist, musician, model, and stylist with roots in Germany, Japan, and the U.S., and active in a variety of fields including writing, editing, and video production; Yusuke Narita, a Yale University economist who divides his time between Japan and the U.S., will read the story. The music is performed by Yongsi, an artist and curator with Chinese roots who worked in Japan and is now based in England, and Lyo Taniguchi, a music producer and dancer based in Kyoto who has collaborated with Yongsi. Photographs during the performance were taken by Chikashi Suzuki, a leading fashion photographer in Japan.

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