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About me

Born in China, Yongsi has worked in Japan and is now an artist, producer, and curator based in London.


Having moved from one country to another since childhood, she understands the vulnerability that lies in human beings as outsiders in different cultures. Using music as a medium, she continues to challenge the boundaries of borders, language, culture, and identity by creating experiences to be shared, with empathy for life forms other than her own.

With a background in classical music, including seven years of piano training as a child, she then began her career as an artist in 2021. she has released three singles and four EPs, and has provided music for fashion brands such as 4WA and BIÉDE. She has been featured in various media in Japan, Hong Kong, and China, including HKCR, i-D Japan, and others.


On the educational aspect, Yongsi has participated as a guest at the Brighton Music Conference 2023, and as a panelist at the International Association for the Study of Popular Music Conference 2023 in Minneapolis.


1 / Founder & Director

Beyond Time and Space

2 / Artist & Producer


3 / Researcher

Member of IASPM UK

IASPM International Conference 2023 at the University of Minnesota - Panelist

Brighton Music Conference 2023 - Guest

Yongsi's musical style is a fusion of classical and electronic elements.


Her coquettish yet divine vocals are sometimes off-pitch and aggressive, bringing a sense of eccentricity and unpredictability to her music.


Yongsi observes the myths and complexities surrounding humanity and the world through her music in a dark, bizarre, yet somehow comforting portrait of the universe.


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